Dirty is NOT an option

Removal of dirt and contaminates from the interior and exterior of your vehicle will ensure that its paint, leather and other upholstery are kept in ideal condition.

Next Level

We spare no expense in the detailing of your vehicle. Using the latest technology of chemicals and microfiber towels, we are able to showcase your beautiful vehicle.

What to Expect

Fresh Towels

Microfiber towels that touch paint go under meticulous inspection by the human eye. At Crown, we have 4 levels of Microfiber towel conditions, only level 1 Microfibers, the best, are permitted to touch a painted surface.

All Surfaces Matter

Although the outside of your car may be the most beautiful part, all surfaces matter including the interior. When it leaves the detailing bay, we guarantee that the interior will look just as good as the exterior. It’s a fabulous feeling when every surface is pristine.


When it comes to vehicles, we use a lot of different chemicals on materials and surfaces. Crown stocks over 30 different chemicals to ensure we have the right chemical to clean and protect every surface while obtaining that beautiful look.

100% Guarantee

Crown Detailing operates under one simple principle; If you do not approve of the detail provided, we will correct it promptly.