Ceramic Coating and Powder Coating

Powder Coating

  • What Is Powder Coating?
    • Since the 1960s powder coating has been an increasingly popular method of decorative and protective finish for metal. This finish is high quality and very durable, and available in a large range of colors and textures.
  • How Does Powder Coating work?
    • Application is achieved by the use of a spray gun that gives an electrostatic charge to a polymer resin powder while being applied to a grounded metallic surface. We then take this coated part and apply heat by use of a large curing oven that will cause the coating to chemically react and becomes a hardened, tough pigmented surface.
  • How Tough is Powder Coating?
    • Powder coating is a more durable finish than traditional paint methods. Powder coat is often used for wheels, brake calipers, intake tubing, valve covers and more. Powder coating is more resistant to impacts, moisture, chemicals light and weather so there will be less scratches, chipping  and fading.

Ceramic Coating

  • What is Ceramic Coating?
    • Ceramic coating is similar to powder coating in its application. Originally developed for aerospace, it is commonly used in the automotive industry for high temperature applications. This finish comes in several different colors.
  • How does Ceramic Coating Work?
    • Ceramic coating is a paint that is concentrated with ceramic powder. We use a spray gun to apply the coating to the metal item and then use an oven to cure the coating into a hardened, protective layer.
  • How Tough is Ceramic Coating?
    • Ceramic coating is great for high temp applications such as exhaust headers, manifolds and turbo housings. This coating resists heat radiation and keeps parts from absorbing heat from other components. This finish is also highly resistant to oil, fuel and corrosion.

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Material Preparation

Crown Concepts goes through several step process to properly prepare your parts for traditional powder coating. Depending on the condition of the item this can include, degreasing, cleaning, sanding, media blasting and chemical stripping. If you are comfortable doing the prep on your parts before bringing them to us, it will save us time and will save you money.

Color Choices

We proudly use Prismatic Powders for all standard powder coating projects. We can get any color that they offer, or we can custom color match to your project. We have also done custom color mixing and tailored custom designs. If you prefer a specific powder coat material be used, contact us.


When it comes to cars, there are a lot of different size parts and surfaces, but we can only work with what fits in our paint application booth and curing oven. The dimensions of our oven are: 6 ft tall x 4 ft deep x 4 ft wide. If you have questions about a specific part, please call us or bring the part into our Tucson location.

One of a Kind

Crown Concepts is the best place for automotive powder coating in Tucson and Arizona. We offer the best selection of colors and customization as well as overall quality and service. With full in-house, fabrication, preparation and powder coating we have it all. And our Performance Vehicle Development Team and facility makes us the only place that can take your project through to completion including prep, coating, and installation.