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Component Design

Efficiency Matters

The Crown Engineering process consistently provides significant savings for our clients. By rigorously optimizing both performance and cost, we provide better products at lower prices. We strive to maintain great relations with reputable sources to seamlessly integrate the process that helps facilitate us to get the best material for the lowest cost.

Supplier Management

Crown Manufacturing has vetted hundreds of suppliers worldwide, giving us the ability to manufacture almost any product, including but not limited; to cutting edge performance aftermarket components, but consumer products, professional equipment, and  industrial products.

What to Expect

Has Not Failed Us Yet

Different clients have very specific challenges or opportunities that benefit from Crown’s ideation and innovation process. These needs may be as straightforward as a particular feature addition or more open such as the need to develop a version of the product that appeals to a new market segment. As with broader based innovation challenges, we begin by researching the opportunity, then engage in our ideation process to generate viable solution concepts.

Innovation Goes A Long Way

Our combined team of designers and engineers excel at creative problem solving and idea generation. Crown not only has proven methodologies in product development, we insist on maintaining a strong focus on the business viability and success goals of our clients. We assure that our process yields ideas and concepts that are actionable with a viable path to market.

Napkin to Reality

One part or a thousand, Crown utilizes the latest technology in the prototype,  production, and manufacturing industry for a combined experience  of over 80 years to meet our customer’s needs. Following a set of carefully organized New Product Introduction (NPI) stages that converts an idea into a realized product, either hardware and/or software. It is the intent of the process to allow consistency and controlled flow without damping creativity. Via computer applications, Crown has the ability to create whatever you can dream up.

Calling All Files

Crown speaks all CAD native file formats necessary to take what you have or we can create your files new. File Import Formats: IGES, DXF, STEP, SAT, SLDPRT, DWG. Call us if you do not see your available file type listed because the list grows regularly.