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Build Inquiry

Crown Customs Vehicle Build Process

While the concept of building a car may seem simple, the actual process can be both time-consuming and expensive. Finding the right builder that meets your expectations and goals is critical. Each builder has its unique style and process. Crown Customs is known for delivering quality products, exceptional fit and finish, and ensuring that customers can enjoy their vehicle for years to come. Our builds typically take 18 months or more depending on the complexity of the project and the budget.

To get started, we begin with an interview process. We ask potential customers to provide us with details about their expectations, goals for the build, and budget. Customers can either supply their vehicle or we can help them find the perfect candidate for the build. After a phone interview to discuss these details and answer any follow-up questions, a Project Agreement and initial deposit are required to secure a spot in the schedule. We treat each customer relationship individually and fairly, recognizing that each build is unique.

    Design and Rendering

    It all starts with a good idea.

    As the contract and payment are recieved, the true magic begins. The threads of the creation are woven, and every detail is taken into account- from suspension to engine, from driveline to wheels. Our Customs Team will conjure up a vision of the final product, with lists of necessary parts and labor estimates, and an itemized budget that brings it all together. Even before the arrival of the vehicle, the team pour their souls into the project, with their waitlist stretching from six months to a year. In this delicate design phase, communication with the customer is pivotal- not only to chart out a plan, but to ensure that the customer agrees with the timeline and budget.

    Receiving, Disassembly, Cataloging

    Let us take it apart. We will put it back together.

    When Crown Customs is ready to start working on your car, the process begins. Once your vehicle is delivered, it will undergo a thorough check-in process. This will include taking pre-build photos, documenting a checklist of contents and functionality, and confirming that the state of the vehicle matches the build plan. Evaluating the vehicle's current state will determine if any additional work needs to be done beyond what was originally discussed. Afterward, major components are ordered, and a lead fabricator is assigned to the project.


    During this stage, the vehicle undergoes custom metalwork to shape both its interior and exterior. Cutting and welding are also carried out to modify the vehicle and its components as required. The process includes crafting of custom handmade pieces, ensuring both function and design are taken into consideration. Parts and panels are test-fitted for fitment and alignment. The duration of this stage can take hundreds or even thousands of hours, depending on the technicalities of the vehicle. Each fabricator has their area of expertise and core strengths, and sometimes secondary fabricators are brought in to perform certain elements of the build to ensure the highest quality. At the end of the fabrication stage, the car is mostly assembled in the mockup stage and set at the final ride height, allowing for an overall assessment of the vehicle's stance and attitude.