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Event Preparation

Set the Stage

You have a cool ride. As a matter fact, you may have a magnificent classic that should be gracing the lawn at Pebble Beach. Either way, your vehicle deserves a level of attention fitting for your investment.

Strive for Greatness

Crown Concepts employs only the most perfection sensitive individuals we can find. Crown team members use the finest products and honed processes to produce show-winning results.

What to Expect

The Crown Difference

Once you request Event Preparation, we waste no time satisfying your request. Crown promptly responds to requests and allocates sufficient resources to provide you with the quality service in the timeframe you expect.

Worry-Free Service

Your car’s looks should harmonize with performance. When you request your car, we go through a rigorous check of the engine and any mechanical parts. If there is an issue, we contact you to propose and agree on the best solution.


To simplify your experience, we offer white glove logistical services to your venue or your doorstep.

Car Detailing

It’s time to let the true beauty of your vehicle come out. We can’t wait!