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Always Getting Better

A continuous commitment to becoming vertically integrated coupled with the great people has enabled us to set the benchmark.

Next Level

Our livelihood of ‘attention to detail’ coexist through every layer of our machine shop operation.

What to Expect

5-Axis CNC

One part or a thousand, Crown utilizes the latest technology in the prototype,  production, and manufacturing industry for a combined experience  of over 80 years to meet our customer’s needs.

Consistency is Key

It is the intent of the process to allow consistency and controlled flow without damping creativity.

We Understand it’s Your Time Too

With our multi-axis machining capabilities, Crown can produce a part with more accuracy and less set-ups in a timely manner because we understand your needs sometimes better than you do.

Are you “Cut Out”?

We have a never ending quest for the best talent. Crown Concepts continues to invest in people and equipment. If you feel you are the very best at what you do, and are looking to be challenged daily by the best customers in the world, please see our careers page.