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Vehicle Maintenance

Our Environment 

As a part of our maintenance program, all vehicles are secure in a controlled environment with air conditioning and heating to maintain an optimal environment for vehicle storage.

No Car is the Same

While every make and model has its own nuances, every vehicle has basic service and maintenance needs which we will attend to with top of the line care and service.  (Battery, Brakes, Tires, etc.)

Maintenance and Exercise: What to Expect


Each vehicle will have continuous battery voltage maintenance via state of the art trickle charging to keep batteries charged and ready for cruising.


We understand that parts fail or as we say mileage out. A vehicle’s brakes are no different. With calipers, we check the pad and rotor degradation to determine if they need replaced.


To promote safety and performance, the tire pressure and exterior side walls will be managed to ensure roundness and durability.

We Aren’t Done

  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Driveline Rebuilding
  • Window Replacement
  • Bodywork & Chrome Revitalization
  • Exhaust Enhancement
  • Vibration & Squeak Analysis
  • Road Worthiness Evaluation