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Crown Racing Track Side Service

Crown Racing offers an extensive list of track side services for everything from weekend track days to full competition race series. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to fulfill your needs at the race track.

Vehicle Management

We make sure your car is always ready when you need it. Air pressure, battery charge and fuel are just a few of the services that come with a vehicle maintenance plan.

Valet-to-Track Service

We take care of the hard stuff so that you can use your time to have fun. We will pick up and deliver your car to the track for you when you want it and take care of the logistics.

Windshield Replacement

We know that glass breaks at the most inconvenient times, so we are here to help make sure you can keep racing. We will deliver and install replacement windshields when you need them.

Brake Service

We make sure you can stop on and off the track. Our team has the capability to give your car the brake services it requires, from maintenance to upgrades, installed on site.

Race Prep

We take racing seriously, and strive to make your experience the best it can be. With full race prep services we will make sure your car is tuned and set-up perfectly for every track day event.

Dyno Tuning

Get your car running exactly how you want it, for maximum performance. Our expert team of tuners will make sure you are making as much power as you want.

Upgrades and Fabrication

With a full fabrication and automotive shop, we have the tools and team to make anything happen. From bolt on upgrades to full custom engineered solutions.

Alignment and Corner Balance

It takes more than horsepower to have a successful run at the track. We are here to help tune your suspension with alignment and corner balancing.

Available Track-Side Services

Contact For Pricing

  • Track Day Support, (M-F, 8-3) (October through April)
  • Test Day with full chassis tuning and Engineering (October through April)
  • Track Day, Shared, Per car (Minimum 4 car, Max 6 cars, per car)
  • Test and Tune with Driving Coach (1 Day)
  • Download Data and Analytics, Per Hour (Min 1 Hour)
  • Race Day Service (With RSVP)
  • Race Day Service (With NO RSVP, No Radio Support Available)
  • Race Day Radio Support (With RSVP)
  • Tire Cart, With Cover. 3 levels (Or- 2 sets of tires and one shelf)
  • Car High lift Cylinders (Requires 100 psi)
  • High Stands, 16″ (Set)
  • Low Stands, 8″ (Set)
  • Tow Bars and Drop Height Gauges, Set
  • Hour Meter, Installed
  • Custom Engine Cover Heat Blanket
  • ZERO Alignment Level Tool, Installed