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1964 Ford Country Sedan Restoration

Our Performance Vehicle Development Team(PVD) continues to work on this restoration project for the Smallhouse family. For those of you who have just recently joined us, this is a 1964 Ford Country Sedan wagon. We have been doing a full frame-off restoration on this classic car. It has been in the Smallhouse family since it was new, and they decided…

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TCCS 2018 Car Show Winners

Ford Coupe at Tucson classic car show
... Congratulations to Micheal O'Neill and Family! Crown completed a FULL restoration after years of wanting to finish this project, Crown completed this build in late July. ... Congratulations to Bill Boris and Family! Crown assisted in a partial restoration after a fire melted the engine bay. ... Congratulations to Kelsey and John Huebner! Crown assisted in the storage and...
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1935 Ford Convertible

1935 Ford Convertible Restoration
We all have things we want to hold on to, things whose value may be nothing more than sentimental, meaningful to us only. Other things we deem worth saving have a value that is obvious to others. Vintage automobiles that have withstood the decades while retaining their original features represent the later, especially now that the old-car hobby has come...
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