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1968 Shelby GT500 Body with paint

As we move forward with this 1968 GT500 resto-mod, we have hit another milestone in this build. Seeing the car in fresh Candy Apple red paint with white Le Mans stripes makes you feel a certain type of way. You can start to imagine what this car might have looked like leaving the Shelby/Ford assembly line in 1968. An image of racing fast cars and good times in the 1960s. We are excited to bring this example into the new millennium while still paying homage to its special Shelby DNA.

We made the decision to go with painted stripes with clear coat over the top, although these cars originally would not have come with these stripes. The dash was painted a metallic gunmetal color and the engine bay is gloss black.

This car will spend time on and off the track with its owner, and we are building it with that in mind. We will be giving this GT500 an upgraded front suspension and rear end along with a dry sump oil system and upgraded 427 V-8 engine.

The GT500 is now sitting in our assembly area at the shop, where we will be test fitting the engine, oil pump, radiator and bell housing to ensure correct fitment.

We are getting closer to the finish line on this build and could not be more excited to share our progress with you. make sure to check out the previous updates on our blog about this build for more photos of the progress starting from when this car arrived at our shop.