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Updated Photos of a Crown Concepts PVD restoration project

In 2017, Crown Concepts was asked by Kevin Mayhew and his wife to fully restore their 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint. We took the project head on and started as soon as we could. This Falcon originally came equipped with a 260 Cubic inch V8 and Ford-o-matic Automatic transmission. The original paint was light blue metallic with a light blue interior. The “Sprint” package Falcon was the true predecessor to the the first Ford Mustang in 1964. Almost all of the parts and equipment from these cars were used to make the first Mustangs. This package included, bucket seats, a center console, upgraded interior, a V8 engine and several extra ‘Sprint’ badges. This car has come a long way from where it started. And since our reveal and delivery Kevin and his wife have spent a lot of time driving the car to car events to show the car locally.

We Recently caught up with Kevin at our November Cars & Coffee & Clubs event, and took some updated photos of his car. This car is still one of the best we have ever seen and we know that the owner will continue to enjoy it for years to come.

One Comment

  • Curtis Brown says:

    A beautiful car that belongs to an amazing family! Great job Team Crown with the restoration and very cool to see Kevin enjoying the vehicle and sharing with others at CarsCoffeeClubs event.