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Crown Customs building expansion tucson arizona

Crown Customs ‘ Exciting Expansion in Tucson, Arizona: Revving Up for the Future

In the heart of the sunny desert city of Tucson, Arizona, Crown Concepts is making waves in the world of restoration and custom cars as well as racing Radicals and GT cars. Known for our passion for exceptional vehicles and customer service, Crown Concepts has been a driving force in the automotive industry. Now, we are ready to take our success to the next level with an exciting expansion of our Crown Customs building in Tucson.

We have been building a new expansion to our existing Crown Concepts facility. This new extension will house a redesigned space for our Crown Customs team. With our growing waiting list for full-custom builds and continuous growth with our Crown Racing team we need more space to work. Our goal is to have this building ready to use by the first quarter of 2024 in order to better serve our customers. We look forward to sharing this new space with you when it is finished.

The Vision Behind The Crown Customs Expansion

At Crown Concepts, we’ve always aimed to provide an unparalleled experience for our customers. Our Tucson facility’s expansion is our way of taking that commitment to the next level for our Crown Customs clients. Here’s what you can expect from this exciting development:

Expanding Our Crown Customs Division

Our expansion will house a new Crown Customs facility that will help us have the equipment and space to take our custom builds to the next level. This will include new disassembly and assembly areas, a paint booth and body shop. Whether you have a passion for classic cars, modern exotics, or custom builds, we’ll have something to ignite your excitement in the new space.

Crown Racing Is Growing

Crown Racing is growing its Radical Motorsports Service and GT race car service this year. This expansion of our facility right here in Tucson, Arizona will help us gain more space to take on more race car clients for the upcoming Apex Challenge series and Radical Cup North America. Our passion for racing and dedication to pushing the limits of performance have driven us to this exciting new chapter. With this expansion, we’re not just increasing our capacity; we’re enhancing our capabilities. Our facility will feature advanced technology, a larger team of skilled professionals, and a space dedicated to innovation and development in racing.

Expanding Our Ability To Serve Crown Customs and Racing Customers

To better serve you, we’re expanding our service in all departments. This means quicker turnaround times, more comprehensive maintenance and repairs, and a team of passionate technicians committed to keeping these high-performance vehicles in peak condition. We will be adding additional Track-side and Radical Motorsport services this year.

The Benefits for Tucson and Beyond

Our expansion isn’t just about us; it’s about benefiting the Tucson and car community too. Here’s how:

Job Opportunities

With our growth, we’re proud to be creating new job opportunities in Tucson and Arizona. Including sales and service technician positions for both Crown Customs and Crown Racing, this expansion will contribute to our local economy by providing employment opportunities for our community.

Community Engagement

Community involvement has always been important to us. With our larger facility, we’ll have more space to host events, participate in charity activities, and engage with our local car enthusiast community on a deeper level. We look forward to fostering even stronger connections with our fellow car enthusiasts and neighbors.

Local Economic Boost

As a destination for car enthusiasts, we draw visitors from all over. With our expanded facility, we anticipate even more people coming to Tucson to experience what we have to offer. This increased tourism will have a positive economic impact on our city.

Crown Concepts’ expansion in Tucson, Arizona, is an exciting development for car enthusiasts and our local community. Our commitment to showcasing the finest custom restomods and delivering exceptional customer experiences remains unwavering. Whether you’re a passionate car enthusiast or a competitive race car driver, we invite you to visit our expanded facility and be a part of the next chapter in the world of Racing and Custom Cars.