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This full restoration project is finished and delivered.

Wimbledon white 1064 ford country sedan wagon final

We have been working on this project since May, when a local customer asked us to restore her family’s 1964 Ford Country Sedan Wagon. This car was purchased new by the customer’s father, an original employee of Burr-Brown, at a dealership in Tucson, Arizona. This car has stayed in the family and been well taken care of since 1964. The customer brought us a binder full of service records dating back to the 60’s, everything from oil changes and tire rotations to power steering maintenance and tune ups. The records are from local service shops in Tucson some of which still exist today. Make sure to check out the previous progress posts on our blog here and here.

This car has been a non-stop focus for the Crown Concepts PVD team. We knew we had a lot of work to do on this frame up restoration, but that it needed to be perfect. The customer and ourselves could not accept anything less. We definitely had our share of roadblocks and detours on our road to completion. With a car like this, a lot of parts are not reproduced, and you have to either find original NOS parts or build your own. With the level of restoration we were doing, we even had fans of these cars reaching out to us asking where we got parts, or how we were able to finish certain aspects of this build. In the end, we built a car that we are proud to have our name on and that will be in the customers family for generations to come.

After each project of this scale that we complete, we deliver it to the customer with a custom tailored reveal experience. In this case the customer invited her family and friends to have drinks and snacks while watching the reveal. We also offered tours of our facility while others took rides in the newly restored car. We cant wait to hear stories and see photos of the car throughout its journey. If you have any comments or questions about this car or a project you are working on, please feel free to leave a comment on this post below or contact us.