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Crowds at future classic car show in scottsdale

Arizona Car week kicks off with the 5th Annual Future Collector Car Show

Crown Concepts Track Subaru for FCCS 20

2020 is the first year that we decided to sponsor an event like the Future Collector Car Show ( formally the Future Classic Car Show) , and to be honest, it was one of the best car show experiences we have had. This event, located in Phoenix, Arizona,  is very organized, well managed and the staff is attentive and professional. We are also very impressed with the High Street venue and the quality of the vehicles entered into the show, from rare import models to crazy custom builds they are all top notch. FCCS also managed to get some very cool vendors at the show including Wrapsesh, Last Era, and Steeda to name a few and also some cool judges including Ryan Lanteigne and Fielding Shredder. Throughout the day there were interviews, raffles and even a live wrap demo by Wrapsesh.

The car that won ‘Best of Show’ at last years Future Classic Car Show was properly displayed at the main entrance to the event for all to see. This amazingly built 2004 Subaru STI, is owned by John Darling and was used for a lot of the marketing for this event, so it was a cool experience to see the car in person. For us, this show was going to be all about showcasing our 1100 horse power, 2004 Subaru STI development car, which we felt would fit right into this crowd. In the short time we had prior to the show we had to complete a few details on this car including some in-house powder coating and of course a new wrap thanks to Wrapsesh.

Photo of a grey modified Subaru STI with red wheels at bccs 2020

This year, the ‘Best of Show’ award went to this yellow 1993 Mazda RX-7 built by Timothy Eull. Other award winners at this event included a very well preserved 1988 BMW M3, a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda and a 1992 Mazda Miata. The variety of cars that are at this event and that win awards makes this show one of the best and most interesting car shows in Arizona. It was very hard to pick our favorite car as our team all liked several different ones, but we got some photos of some of the ones that caught our eye.

FCCS Best of Show Winner 2020
Mazda rx-7 motor with chrome at future collector car show

Another unique element that added to the vibe of this event was the fashion show presented by Luxe and City. As a sponsor of the event, Luxe and City had an entire runway set up on one of the streets of the event. They had several stylists and models compete for awards at the event. This was a cool experience and something that will not see at other car shows. After the main fashion show, some of these well styled models also posed with some of the show cars which made for some fun photos for the photographers in attendance.

Victoria Longfellow red head model of the year Victoria secret walking fashion show
jewleeahheff fashion model poses infant of Honda S2000
Randi England Mozzerati fashion designer and model posed in front of Honda S2000 at FCCS 2020

Some of our Favorite Cars

Crowd talking to Archie Apostol about crown concepts