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orange Lambo at TopGolf car show

Saturday October 4th was our second monthly Tucson Cars and Coffee and Clubs event. We saw lots of new faces and cars as well as many returning attendees from last month.

imports cars at topgolf tucson
Subaru cars at TopGolf Tucson
Mopar club at top golf Tucson
Porsche 911 GT3 at topgolf tucson

We saw twice as many attendees and cars this month then last month. As we grow, we expect that this will become one of the best car events in Tucson and southern Arizona. We hope that everyone enjoyed the October event and make sure to tell your friends and family about the next one on Saturday November 2nd.

Ferrari f430 at topgolf tucson
Porsche 914 at topgolf tucson

Make sure to come out to the next event on the first Saturday of November. TopGolf will have free coffee and free golf for all attendees. Breakfast will be available at 7 am and Brunch will be available at 9 am. Remember that this is a completely free event and we encourage you to bring your family to participate in the fun. This car meet is open to all years, makes and models of cars so don’t be afraid to bring your ride. Also make sure to check out photos form all the past Tucson Cars & Coffee & Clubs events here.

Ford Mustang GT at topgolf tucson
Cars and coffee and clubs at topgolf tucson