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Crown Speed Shop “PVD” Collection Lookbook

We recently launched our “PVD” Collection on our Crown Speed Shop store. This collection is inspired by our need for purpose built team apparel with attention to detail and quality, just like our automotive work. The collection includes jackets, hoodies, hats and more. Check out the full lookbook and the online store to get your hands on one of these…

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2020 Future Collector Car Show Recap

Crown Concepts Track Subaru for FCCS 20
Arizona Car week kicks off with the 5th Annual Future Collector Car Show 2020 is the first year that we decided to sponsor an event like the Future Collector Car Show ( formally the Future Classic Car Show) , and to be honest, it was one of the best car show experiences we have had. This event, located in Phoenix, Arizona,...
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Future Collector Car Show 2020

FCCS 2020
Crown partners with Classicscars.com for 5th annual FCCS Crown Concepts has partnered with Classiccars.com to sponsor the Future Collector Car Show (previously the 'Future Classics Car Show'). 2020 will be the 5th year of this event, and is expected to bring an even bigger crowd for this year. The Future Collector Car Show focuses on the drivers, owners, and builders...
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TCCS 2018 Car Show Winners

Ford Coupe at Tucson classic car show
... Congratulations to Micheal O'Neill and Family! Crown completed a FULL restoration after years of wanting to finish this project, Crown completed this build in late July. ... Congratulations to Bill Boris and Family! Crown assisted in a partial restoration after a fire melted the engine bay. ... Congratulations to Kelsey and John Huebner! Crown assisted in the storage and...
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The Pitfalls Of The Montana License Plate Scam

Ferrari F40
I get asked from time to time about the so-called Montana License Plate Scam: Can you safely register your vehicle in Montana and drive it in your non-Montana home state? There are a couple problems which might crop up if you give it a try. Montana has no sales or use tax and no vehicle inspections. So, an industry has...
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Superformance launches “Future Forty” at SEMA

Superformance Ford GT Future forty
Irvine, California-based speed shop Superformance is known for its incredible work with legendary performance cars like the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport replica that it just let us drive. One of the shop’s specialties is the Ford GT40 and its newest creation will be considered a step forward to some, but probably sacrilege to most. Superformance has taken an EcoBoost...
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This Institute Is Protecting Motoring History

Even after nearly a decade, Miles Collier still gets a visceral thrill as he scans the first floor of the Revs Institute. “Jiminy Crickets!” says Collier, founder of the museum and research facility in Naples, Florida. “Every time I walk in here, I am totally blown away. At the same time, I’m horrified as to how much of my sum...
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This Is Why Tires Are the Most Important Modification for Your Car

Good Year Eagle Tire
If you're an avid Road & Track reader, you already know tires are one of the easiest, most effective ways to make your car perform better. But how much does tire performance really matter in real-world situations? Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained decided it was time to swap out the old, mismatched all-seasons on his Honda S2000 for a set of high-performance Bridgestone RE-71R summer tires. In order...
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