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Crown Concepts is a Superformance dealer and installer.

We just finished two new Superformance MKIII Cobra builds this week for a customer. As an authorized Superformance dealer and installer, we are able to build the MKIII Cobra, GT40 and Corvette Grand Sport. Superformance is one of the top vintage replica manufactures today and the attention to detail and accuracy is amazing. We love getting orders for these vehicles as we know the customer is going to be happy with the finished product.

These two Cobras were both installed with the same Roush Performance 427 V8 and 5-speed Tremec manual transmission. The two cars differ in paint color and accessory options such as paint, wheels and trunk struts. The Black/silver Cobra was fitted with 18″ knock-off wheels that are the same style as the original Cobra wheels, where as the blue Cobra has 15″ wheels that are closer to the original size.

Depending on options ordered these Cobras can usually be taken from rolling chassis to complete in less than two weeks. Our techs have extensive experience with building and customizing these Cobras with several different engine, wheel and suspension options. We can make your dream custom Cobra come to life. Check out our current inventory of new Cobras and our previously sold inventory for ideas for your next one.

Installing Transmission and Checking suspension and brake systems.

Watch the video to see the first test drive after installing the engine and transmission in this Superformance MKIII Cobra.

First test drive of the black Cobra with Roush 427 installed.